March 11, 2016

Last night I dreamed I was at a party with Diego and my ex-husband, Tim. Tim started talking to Diego and it looked like they were starting to become really good friends. Meanwhile, Tim found a guy he thought was my boyfriend and started treating him like shit. I remember watching the whole thing with extreme amusement. I was unable to tip off Diego as to who Tim was since Tim never left his side. I woke up before I could see what happened when Tim found out that I was actually dating Diego. I wondered what the dream meant.

I got halfway to work today and felt rather ill. I was nauseous, had bad stomach problems, and felt light headed. I sent an email to my principal and took the next train home. When I got there, I tried to sleep, but I oddly started feeling better. I got up and got some stuff done. I seemed oddly sensitive to smells today. My bedroom smelled like wet fur. My kitchen smelled like rotting vegetables. My bathroom, of course, smelled like cat pee. And last night I had a horrible headache. I tend not to get headaches either.  I wondered what it all meant. If I didn’t currently have my period, I might consider the possibility of pregnancy. I haven’t had any condom accidents or breakages, but there’s always a slight chance. I looked it up online and the only thing that seems to cause all of these symptoms is pregnancy. But, like I said, I can’t be pregnant. I have my period. It must be some weird strain of the flu or something. I have been overly tired lately. I’m probably just fighting off some kind of bug.


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