March 10, 2016

It has been a while since I posted last. Things seem to be going pretty well in my life currently. I am slowly paying off my debts. My job is fine, just like if has been. I have been spending a lot of my spare time turning the last year’s blog into a book, complete with the steps I took to improve my happiness every month. My divorce paperwork has been filed and I am just waiting for the judge’s decision. I am still with Diego. There have been a few times where we almost broke up for a number of reasons. He treats me better now and I don’t feel like he’s using me for sex. I truly think he was clueless about how to treat women since he revealed to me that I’m only his second girlfriend. I do not obsess about our relationship, but merely see it as one aspect of a very full and busy life.

I’m spending most of my time and energy on another writing project. I’m transforming my life in a different way in my new blog. I will not be promoting it here. For the first time ever, I am blogging under my own name, so I don’t want to give out my identity.

I really haven’t updated this blog for several reasons. The first is that my life is going quite well and I don’t feel the need to blog about my latest dramas because there aren’t many. I have also been busy what with turning this blog into a book and focusing on my new blog and my other type of transformation there. I hope all of you, my  readers, are doing well. I do miss hearing from you!


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