January 27, 2016

I got up and meditated before doing everything else I needed to do this morning. I spent my morning commute with Diego on the train. It was nice. I had missed seeing him. I felt ambivalent about it. On the one hand, I enjoyed my time with him. On the other hand, I got nothing done on my commute. Even so, I had missed seeing him, even though we didn’t talk much. I tried to work on finish my knitting. I was so close to finishing.

I had a difficult time on the train todabed.When I got on my connecting train, it filled up quickly as usual. By the second stop, it was packed full. There was only one empty seat and someone’s bag was placed there protectively. I wondered what happened to common courtesy. I mused that it must not be so common anymore. There were a number of people standing because there were no seats. Then when I went to get off of the train, the crowd trying to get on had closed in so that I couldn’t exit. I literally had to shove people aside, saying “Excuse me,” loudly as I pushed people out of my way. Then as I tried to enter the corridor over the tracks, the influx of oncoming people kept using the one of the two doors closer to me. They left me no room to enter the corridor. Finally, after watching the 8th person not let me in, I finally walked in regardless of the person trying to get out. I ended up getting stuck in a door with a teenager in some kind of school uniform. I told her there was another door and suggested that she use it. I, on the other hand, could not use it because of the steady stream of people was blocking my way.

As I walked to work, I tried to let go of the annoyance with my commute. I told myself that I wouldn’t allow a bad morning ruin my day. And I didn’t. I had a good day. I ended up on the train home with Diego as well. He mostly tried to sleep so I attempted to finish my knitting.

When I arrived home, I got a message from my ex, stating that he had checked with his lawyer and the stipulation didn’t need to be made. I told him I believed my lawyer over his lawyer and wouldn’t sign the document unless it stated what I had asked. I did not hear back from him, so I didn’t know if he was planning to fix it or not. Since he seemed to have some kind of motivation to get divorced all of a sudden, I hoped that his motivation would last him long enough to get us to the end of this process.

I felt kind of depressed after this, so it took me a while to get out my knitting. It took me until 10:00, but I finished it. I was very pleased with myself and having it be finished. I went to bed.


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