January 26, 2016

I awoke late again today, but I had already planned to drive to work. I had that appointment with a lawyer today to look at my divorce papers. It was an expensive consultation, but it seemed like all the divorce lawyers who had free  consultations had absurdly high litigation rates. I didn’t want someone who was going to go to trial over a divorce where we both want it and nobody is contesting it.

I was even more tired today. I told myself I would finish my knitting on my free period and mail it out at lunch. I don’t know what I did during my free period, but I had little time left for knitting and I didn’t get very far. My classes went well. I again gorged myself on food at lunch.

I got to the lawyers office only to be told I was a half hour late. Luckily she was still there and able to see me. The consultation took all of 10 minutes. Everything was in order except for one thing that was missing. I paid her the exorbitant fee and left. I contacted my ex and told him what needed to be done. He said he’d take care of it and send it out on Thursday. I was happy and relieved to get it taken care of.

Diego came over. I fell asleep on him while watching a movie. I awoke and he teased me about falling asleep. We had sex, then I drove him home. I went to sleep as soon as I got home.


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