January 25, 2016

I was extremely tired when I woke up. I had decided to drive to work today, mainly because I hit snooze in my sleep so many times that I had no other choice if I wanted to get to work on time. I brought my knitting and worked on it during my prep period and lunch.

I had a good day at work, but I was tired. I also ended up not following my diet today. I told myself it would just be a small packet of cheese-its from a vending machine. Then I grabbed a pudding cup when I was on lunch duty. Then I bought lunch, including three cookies instead of eating the healthy lunch that I packed for myself. Then when I was done eating my unhealthy lunch, I ate a lot of my healthy lunch too. I was like an eating machine.

Diego hadn’t texted me since Saturday and I started worrying about things with him. I half suspected that I might just be tired and depressed and that was causing me to overreact. I checked my phone and saw that I was right. There was no good morning text because he was busy driving. I hadn’t seen him because neither of us took the train. I only saw him for an hour and a half this weekend. I wondered if things were fading between us. I texted him back and he said he was busy and that he would text later. He used one of the endearments he usually does, so I paused to consider that.

I left work early. When I arrived home, I saw Diego had left several texts when I was driving. There was something wrong with his car and he had to pay to get it towed home. I told him if there was something I could do to help, I would. He said he had already ordered the necessary parts. I spent the rest of the night bent on finishing my knitting project for Zak. I felt like I was very close when I saw it was 10:00 and told myself I could finish the rest tomorrow.


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