January 19, 2016

I awoke feeling sick again, but not sick enough to need to take the day off. I was barely in time for the later train with Diego. I was so out of it, we didn’t converse much. He suggested that maybe I should take a day off to sleep and get better. I seriously doubted my ability to get better in a single day. I also doubted my ability to make myself rest when I was feeling well enough to accomplish things on my to-do list. Diego’s ideas of natural remedies were interesting. He seemed to think that I needed to avoid the cold, to not go outside, or even drink cold drinks. He recommended a spoonful of rum (or other potent alcohol) mixed with a spoonful of honey before bed. He told me about a special kind of honey that doesn’t seem to have a translation in English and we couldn’t find a picture of it in Google images. He also recommended that I see a doctor.

I got to school though the walk was bitterly cold. I had a full conversation with the custodian in Spanish, which I was very proud of. I spoke with some of the teachers at school. One of the students was out with a fever and an earache with symptoms similar to mine. I mentioned that I started getting earaches, but that I had been coughing on and off since I was sick the last week before our winter break. She told me I really should see a doctor. Her advice, combined with what Diego said, made me actually consider it.

I couldn’t focus on work or anything else today. I had my students watch various art documentaries instead of teaching. I drank seven 12oz cups of tea and two 16 oz bottles of water and still felt dehydrated. It must have gone to all the fluids leaking out of my nose.

Every day for at least the last week I had told myself that I was going to get back on my eating plan. And every day, something undefinable happens and I don’t stick to it. I don’t even know why! As with the other days, but it didn’t take long before it all went to hell and I bought foods that were bad for me out of the vending machines. Then later in the day I bought more.

I spent the trip home with Diego. As soon as we sat down, he proudly pulled out his licence plates and registration! I was very happy for him. He said that the forms had been filled out so well that he just had to hand them in and pay. I can honestly say, I had never felt so good about filling out DMV forms before! He joked about having sex, but seriously said he wouldn’t want to actually do it with me tonight because I need to rest and get better. I thought that was sweet. Especially because sex seemed so important to him, that I think that’s why it struck me. For the first time in almost a week, I enjoyed his company as fully as I used to. We joked and flirted. I loved the feeling of his hand in mine again. He repeated his advice about tomorrow. I decided that if I were the same or worse tomorrow, I’d take the day off and seek a medical opinion.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. However, I got a package with the divorce papers in it! He wasn’t lying after all! I read through them and there was an unsettling part where I had to sign stating that I received some portions of the document that I didn’t receive. When I asked about them, he sent me PDFs. I wasn’t at all pleased with what it said. Basically, I couldn’t remove him from my retirement or life insurance policies without an additional written permission signed by the judge. We went back and forth, but didn’t come up with a good alternative. He seemed really anxious to get this divorce dome with. I wondered why he was so anxious all of a sudden. Maybe his parents were putting pressure on him. Maybe he wanted to marry his girlfriend. I tried not to be too curious. I went to sleep with the issue unresolved, but given his apparent desire to get it taken care of quickly, I was sure that he would find a way to make it work, and soon. I was surprised that I got to sleep so quickly, given all that had happened, but I was grateful that I could!

As I write this, I wanted to thank you all for some milestones that I recently achieved on WordPress. As of last week, I had 50 followers and as of the week before, I had achieved over 200 likes! I also already have 6 members of the Facebook group dedicated to people looking to improve their happiness the same way I did! And now I have my own Facebook “name” for those of you who want to get to know me rather than just read my stuff, a website detailing my plan for those who want to follow it to, and a Facebook group for those of you who want to talk to other people who want to follow the same plan I did.
Today I gave up the idea that I could just sign a document and be divorced easily, but I want it done right.

Today I’m grateful that I got the divorce papers, that Diego got his plates and registration, and for all of you in WordPress land that have read and enjoyed this blog!

I did no acts of kindness today that I can think of.

I spent 30 minutes in nature.

I spent about $5 on snack foods, $19 on meals, and $10 on medication for my cold.

I slept for about 6 hours last night.

I did not meditate today.

I exercised today for 30 minutes.

I did not follow my diet today.

I did not clean or straighten today.

I was not showered and did not brush my teeth today.

I was feeling sick and out of it, but was otherwise good. My temperament was good.


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