December 13, 2015

I awoke early, feeling exceedingly tired. I had an early conference call with my weight loss group. I love those ladies and they really brightened my day, even though my efforts to follow my diet were very poor of late. I was tired and felt very lazy. Nonetheless, I finished all of my grading, wrapped all the presents that I had bought, and had decorated my tree.

I got a text from Diego about meeting up later in the day. I was surprised that he invited me over to his place to watch a movie. I understood why he hadn’t invited me over before. I knew he just rented a room and assumed he was embarrassed by that fact and that was why he had not invited me over before. To get to his room, we walked through a kitchen and living room belonging to a lady and her kids to get to his room. His room was very small and very sparse. The smell of human urine pervaded the house. I now understood why he had put off inviting me over and why he liked his cologne so much. He didn’t want to smell like urine. I can’t say I blame him. When I went to the bathroom, there was a sign in Spanish requesting that people not flush their toilet paper. There was a trash can full of urine-laden toilet paper. That explained the urine smell.

Diego complained about several aspects of the place. I asked him why he didn’t move. He said he was afraid that changing his address would negatively affect his immigration status or paperwork. I didn’t understand why he was so afraid. He seemed to think that there were prejudiced people in the system that might look for any excuse to deport him. That isn’t such a far stretch, I suppose, but I still felt like he was putting up with a bad situation unnecessarily.

I enjoyed his company, as always. The movie was interesting, and not the sort of movie I had expected him to want to see. We watched it with Spanish on audio and English on the captions. It helped me learn more Spanish. I was surprisingly able to understand a fair amount of the movie. He seemed reluctant to do anything with me, which also struck me as odd because he made sure to ask me to bring condoms. Maybe he was just nervous, but it didn’t last long and we had sex. I enjoyed myself and got home much later than I should have.

Today I gave up my need to do something about being tired and just work through it.

Today I’m grateful for getting all of my papers graded, getting a lot of my holiday stuff done, and getting to see where Diego lives.

I did nothing nice for other people today.

I spent no time in nature today.

I spent $4 on food and $25 in gas today.

I slept for about 6 hours last night.

I did not meditate today.

I did not exercise today.

I did not follow my diet today.

I straightened and cleaned today.

I was showered and brushed my teeth today.

I was so tired all day, but I think I was in a good mood. My temperament was good.


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