November 27, 2015

I meant to get a lot done today, but I ended up sleeping in. I suppose I needed it, but felt groggy and lazy for the rest of the day. I did get a number of things done. I straightened out some issues I had with my student loans and a credit card company. I did a lot of holiday shopping online. I heard from Diego mid-afternoon asking if I wanted to see him later. He always asks if we’re going to have sex. I don’t know why. The answer has never been “no”. I invited him to eat here, but he was eating out with a friend.

I cooked some food for myself and the coming week. I was just about to get into the shower when Diego texted me. I was surprised because he was ready so soon. I showered after he got here. We watched a whole movie and then had a lot of good conversations. We discussed some of the lapses in education in our cultures. He stated that they needed to learn about birth control in his country. That many women as young as 15 get pregnant because they don’t use condoms. I stated that our country cares too much about us being smart and knowing so much, that they really don’t education kids on how to be good people anymore.

Then we got into a theological debate. He’s not Catholic like the rest of his country, but he has a lot of blind faith in the bible. I have absolutely no problems with people having faith. I have my own brand of faith. However, he seems to think that the bible has all the answers to life, yet doesn’t know it well enough to debate the point with me. He talked about how the bible states that homosexuality is wrong. I told him what other parts of Leviticus said about mixed cloths, selfish, and facial hair. He didn’t believe me. I procured my bible and he didn’t believe it because it wasn’t in Spanish. I got a little annoyed. He asked if I believed in God. I said yes. He asked if I believed in Jesus. I said yes. I really didn’t go into the fact that I don’t like religions because they tell me how to live my life. I don’t like rules unless I choose them for myself. I could see our religious beliefs getting in the way in the future. I am very inclusive in my beliefs. I believe in letting others live their life their way so long as it doesn’t affect me. That means I don’t mind if people are homosexual. I don’t mind if people are religious so long as they don’t force their beliefs on me.

I was surprised to find that Diego believed that women should dress modestly in public. I do so anyway, but really am not terribly modest in private. That didn’t seem to bother him any.

He also wanted to know when I first was attracted to him. I was honest and explained that I thought he didn’t like me, so I didn’t like him. I explained that my mind had changed when we went out to eat together. Maybe I should have told him that I thought he was really handsome when he came into the restaurant to meet me, but I didn’t. I suppose I seemed heartless by comparison. He liked me from the first moment he saw me. He talked about getting the nerve to give me his number. He talked about how he was afraid I didn’t like Spanish people because I wasn’t terribly friendly to him. I told him that it’s tough to know when you’re being discriminated against because there’s no way to know why other people behave the way they do. Like me, for example. The best way to not feel miserable and injured when you’re treated poorly is to attribute the best of intentions to the other person. It may not be true, but it makes me feel better to think the best of others, even if it’s not true.

We had sex eventually and I guess I was so loud I woke my upstairs neighbors because one came outside to have a cigarette not long afterwards. I felt bad. I drifted off to sleep in Diego’s arms, a little surprised that he wanted to stay the night, but I didn’t mind.


Today I’m grateful for good conversations, good sex, and getting back on track with my student loans and credit card payments.

I didn’t do anything kind for anyone today.

I spent no time in nature today.

I spent $12 on fast food today.

I slept for about 6 hours last night.

I did not meditate today.

I did not exercise today.

I followed my diet today.

I did not straightened and cleaned today.

I was showered and brushed my teeth today.

My mood fluctuated from happy to tired. My temperament was good.


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