October 27, 2015

I started the day with symptoms mimicking depression. I had an extremely difficult time getting out of bed. I couldn’t find my usual smile and the sparkle in my eyes for my students. As the day wore on, the feeling slowly wore off. Could this be just because of the cookies I ate yesterday that I shouldn’t have?  It’s amazing how much food affects my mood!

In the afternoon, I ran into Juan again at the connecting station. We sat in the same set of two seats. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I really liked the closeness.  Maybe it’s because it has been so long since I was so close to anybody.  Maybe I was lonely.  Or maybe I had a degree of chemistry with Juan.  I don’t know, but it was uncomfortably enjoyable.  I was a little concerned to see Diego going onto a neighboring car. I’m pretty sure Juan saw him too, so I guess he didn’t care. I don’t know what happened between them, but something changed.  Juan no longer appeared to care what Diego thought.


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