October 22, 2015

In the morning I saw Juan and Diego at the connecting station.  Diego again talked at me rapidly then left for work.  On the second train, Juan was clearly jealous of Diego.  I just thought that yesterday Juan was trying to avoid Diego’s suspicion, so I had played along.  Juan told me how much I was like his wife.  I couldn’t figure out how since she was short, and heavy, with facial features dissimilar to mine.  She seems to spend her days being jealous, accusing him of various things, and seems to enjoy cooking and cleaning. Again, not at all like me.  I was offended, but tried not to show it.  He also went on about how he hung out with a female friend of his last night, clearly trying to make me jealous.  It didn’t work.  It just succeeded in making me angry.  I realized how petty he could be and I didn’t like it.  I thought less of my friend.

I stayed late at work because of the dance production I am a part of.  I was surprised and pleased with the number of boys that had not only showed up, but seemed very wiling and able to do what I asked of them!


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