October 21, 2015

After yesterday, I resolved to behave with more propriety towards Juan.  On the way to work, he chatted with his friend Diego who works in construction.  He was working in the city of our connecting train for now. He apparently got off of work at the same time as Juan and I as well.  Initially, Juan and I sat in the same set of three seats with a seat between us.  He talked very formally, quizzing me on the parts of the body in Spanish. Then he kept forwarding the conversation between Diego and I, so he voluntarily switched seats with him.  I guessed that Diego knew his wife and he was trying to throw off suspicion.

With this idea in mind, I smiled dumbly as Diego spoke in rapid Spanish.  He didn’t seem terribly interested in what I had to say.  He was from a different country than Juan.  He didn’t have a wife, but he had a woman back home who had his children.  He saw it as avoiding a problem, since he had a girlfriend here as well.  I saw it as shirking responsibility. That was really all I could gather as he talked at me for 40 minutes.  I tried to smile encouragingly, much as I had to Juan when we first met because I didn’t know how to respond or even what he was saying half of the time.

In reading over my past entries, I noticed that I have been writing about Juan a lot.  It really was because it was my only significant human interaction on most days.  I need more friends, but will have to be content with the one I have in him, for now.


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