October 17, 2015

I had to wake up early so I could meet some friends to go hiking. However, everyone cancelled but one and she chose to leave early. I was disappointed because I could think of many other things I could have done with my time. The way I saw it, I made a commitment, so I stuck with it. I wish other people could have done the same.

Afterwards, I went over to Chandra’s house. She is having 50 people over tomorrow and asked for my help. I helped her put out chairs and clean her house. After awhile, I got too tired to continue and drove home. On the way home my iphone’s shuffle feature again played songs that made me feel a bit lonely. Not lonely per se, but I wanted someone to wake up with in the mornings. I wanted daily companionship. The closest thing I have to daily companionship is Juan and that’s a bit of a mixed bag.


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