November 9, 2015

I drove to work this morning. I was sore from my weekend, but I didn’t let that affect anything. I had double classes. I had asked to go on a field trip tomorrow. My principal had agreed so long as I made up the classes that I would miss. So today I doubled up on my classes. It wasn’t terribly hectic as I used it as a leadership exercise. I asked the older students to mentor the younger ones and it worked beautifully. I was so proud of all of the students and my feelings of love increased for them all today!

I went to my endocrinologist after work. I had meant to find a new one after my last few appointments with her, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet so it was convenient to just make an appointment with her. I don’t know what had occurred between my last appointment and this one, but she did not push me to switch medications. She asked about my symptoms, all of which had gone away with the exception of the extra weight and coldness of my extremities. She even commented on my weight loss and asked if it was intentional. I told her about the weight loss group I had joined and she was interested and supportive. She even allowed me to get some tests done to check the differences in the various aspects of my health! When I left the appointment, I was hopeful and thought maybe I wouldn’t switch endocrinologists after all!

As soon as I got home, I was tired and went to sleep not long after I arrived.


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