November 8, 2015

I got to the class a little late, but thankfully they had not started yet. After last night, I thought about the different guys my own age as possible dating prospects. Aaron lived close by. He oversaw the trails about 45 minutes away from me. He was probably closer to my age. He was good-looking with a bit of a lumberjack look. He had high cheekbones, ruddy skin, and auburn hair with a bushy beard. He favored flannel shirts and had a big build. He had a down-home feel to him that I liked. Jason was the cute one who worked at a park about 45 minutes away from me. He favored underarmor. I noticed him glancing my way a few times yesterday, but not today. Then there was Steve, who was very thin, he had tan skin, hair that was always covered, high cheekbones, and eyes that were almost black with an epicanthal fold.

We went out again in our groups in the morning. By lunch time, I felt comfortable with everything.

In the afternoon, the practical portion was over. There was one moment when Jason was sitting in front of me and I had this strong urge to run my hands through his hair. To rub his back. I resisted the urge, but was surprised at the strength of it and the strength of will required to resist it! We finished the class and I left, with the feeling that I would see some of them again, but I did not know how, who, or when. I went to bed as soon as I got home. I was extremely tired.


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