November 6, 2015

I had a dream last night that I was renting a room in a big farmhouse and there were a number of people living there, all guys but me. On two occasions, I borrowed two horses to pull my small carriage. However, both times, the horses ran off. I supposed I had not secured them properly to the carriage. After the second time, I was pleased to see that they had still managed to make their way home. There seemed to be a lot of romantic things going on between the guys that lived there. However, there was one blond guy who seemed to be interest in me and a guy that lived there. After watching him put his arm around the guy, I went back to my room to go to bed, only to find my ex-husband, Tim lying on the floor. He was laying on something that I needed, so I did my best to get it. He woke up as I was bending over him. I found that I reacted to his being there with indifference. Then when I realized he was there because he missed me and wanted me back, I reacted with annoyance. I had finally managed to get over him and cut off my emotions and he was trying to reel me in again. He and his girlfriend had a fight and she had kicked him out, which is why he was on my floor. The guy I had some interest with came to my room. I invited him in and a few other guys came with him. One kept my ex involved in conversation, while the blond guy started kissing me. I felt nothing for my ex.

I woke up wondering why I dreamed of him, but maybe it was a message that things were over. I am actively saving up for a divorce now. I just want to cut ties and move on. I’m finally ready!!!


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