November 5, 2015

I drove to work today, having to work late for parent/teacher conferences. As soon as I got to work, I got a text from the landlord saying he needed to go into my apartment to turn off the water heater. I was worried because I had not cleaned the cat pee this morning, under the impression that I was running late. In hindsight, I could have stayed and cleaned it. I know he went in the bathroom because he had moved something. I hope it doesn’t cause any repercussions! I tried not to worry about it. Thankfully, my day kept me so busy that I wasn’t able to think about it much.

I had a long day because it was my day with my difficult classes. I worked through my lunch, and then had my first rehearsal with the principal dancers. It went really well and I was happy and encouraged by how well things were going for just one rehearsal!

The parent/teacher conferences were pretty dull. I had to explain to a few parents why their children had received low grades, but few did. On the drive home, I again worried about my landlord’s opinion of the cat pee on the floor. I did not hear from him.


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