October 10, 2015

I awoke on my own about 15 minutes before Rich said he would be up. I quietly got breakfast started, washed the dishes, and scooped the cat litter. We left for the hike on time. Because it’s fall and the place I’m taking him is a very popular hiking destination, I suggested we get an early start. The first half of the hike was an extremely steep climb. I was very slow going and had to stop several times go catch my breath. The opposite was true on the way down the mountain. We mostly walked in silence, but our conversations made me think very well of him as a person. I also appreciated his cheerful patience at having to stop and wait for me constantly on the way up the mountain!

When we got back, we were both exhausted. We turned on a movie and talked and napped intermittently. I put on a second movie and spent my time peeling and chopping to prepare for dinner while we watched. We watched a third movie while we ate dinner and drank a few beers. It got to be around midnight when I sent a facebook message to Kevin, who knew what was going on, and told him that nothing had happened between us yet, so I doubted it was going to. Not long afterwards, he started to hold my hand. It seemed like every move he made, it took him forever to get to. We kissed for a long time before he even touched my back, much less having our shirts come off. It was at least 2am when we ended up in my bed. The sex was pretty good. He was bigger than I expected he would be and it hurt a bit at first, but I quickly got used to it. I vaguely remember a conversation where he said that he didn’t come visit me just to have sex with me. Yet he had brought several condoms with him. I told him I hadn’t anticipated sleeping with him either. It’s half true. I didn’t know what to expect, so I didn’t expect anything! Not long after he had finished, I nodded off to sleep.


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