September 22, 2015

When I awoke, there were still two spots of cat puke and a fresh amount of cat pee in the bathroom. I cleaned up both, fed the cats, showered, ate, and brushed my teeth. I even had time to weigh myself. I’m back up about 10lbs from August. I made a note to myself to make a plan and follow it. On the train I ran into Juan who asked if I had worked yesterday. I tried to explain what had happened, but did so very poorly. I asked about his weekend and he asked about mine. I left out the part where I may be getting kicked out of my apartment. We chatted for a bit in between trains, then he joined his Spanish friends.

I realized that today I think I’m finally over my ex-husband! I had suspected it last night when I heard a song he used to sing to me without emotion. But I had seen the movie that song was in a few times, so I figured I was just getting desensitized to it. Today I stopped in a café for some coffee on my way to work and the song we danced to at our wedding came on. Oddly, I had no emotional reaction. I hadn’t heard it in a long time as it’s not often on the radio. I even found myself humming it as I walked away from the café. I was surprised, but pleased.

I decided to add my food calories on the fitbit, due to the unexpected weight gain. Unfortunately, there is no database of foods, so I either had to enter it manually or bring up the bar code on my phone. Since most of the foods I eat don’t have a bar code, so I had to look them up and input the number of calories. Unfortunately, I was very tired and did a poor job of watching what I eat. I also kept nodding off in the beginning of the day before students came into my room. I also nodded off during my lunch break and on the train on the way home. It was a good day, overall, I just struggled to stay awake for it. I find that when I am tired, I eat all sorts of things that I shouldn’t. That was the case today.

On the way home, I didn’t see Juan. I was really okay with that. I was so tired that I would find it to be very difficult to be sociable. When I got home, I was tired but surprised that there was absolutely no cat puke on the floor or cat pee in the bathroom. I scooped the cat litter a second time, just to be sure the cat wouldn’t have the excuse to pee on the floor in the middle of the night. I sat down to watch a movie, but paused it every so often to straighten up the living room. Even though it was just a small amount, it felt good to have it looking neat.


Nature: I spent 30 minutes in nature today.

Finances: I spent $5.75 on parking and $21 on fast food.

Relationships: I chatted with Juan and my co-workers today.

Sleep: I slept 6 hours or so.

Exercise: I did 30 minutes of walking today.

Diet: I did not follow my diet today.

De-clutter/Clean: I de-cluttered today.

Hygiene: I was showered today, but did not brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament: My mood was good, albeit tired. My temperament was good.


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