September 20, 2015

I awoke late and did laundry. I chatted a bit with Rich while I was at the laundromat. He really does want to come visit me, so we agreed that he would visit on the weekend of October 10th. I thought it was a good choice because I had Columbus Day off the day after he leaves, so I can still get my laundry and anything else that needs to be done before returning to work the next day.

When I was done, I got a few other minor things done around my apartment. I was just about to start on the dishes when there was a knock on my door. It was my landlord. He stated that the upstairs neighbor had complained about the cat pee smell. He said he couldn’t lose him as a tenant and said he was sorry. I think that was his way of trying to kick me out. I asked him to see if there was something I could do about it first. As soon as he left, I cleaned up the cat pee in the bathroom and the cat puke on the floors that I had put off dealing with for the past few days. Then I went and bought a plug-in air filter and the best urine odor remover I could find. I came back, cleaned the bathroom floor again with the odor remover and plugged in the air filter. I also lit some candles and incense for good measure. I even opened all the windows, even though the nights were getting significantly cooler.   There was still a bit of a musty odor, but it was significantly better. I just hoped it was good enough.  I was VERY worried and I cried a bit too.

I got to bed late. I stayed up late cleaning and I couldn’t sleep because I was worried I would get kicked out of my apartment.


Nature: I did not in nature today.

Finances: I spent $72 on items for cleaning, including the air filter and $65 on groceries.

Relationships: I chatted with a few friends online to try and vent my anxiety about where I live.

Sleep: I slept 6 hours or so.

Exercise: I did not exercise today

Diet: I did not follow my diet today.

De-clutter/Clean: I cleaned today.

Hygiene: I was showered today, but did not brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament: My mood was good until my landlord showed up.  Then I was pretty anxious. My temperament was good.


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