September 5, 2015

I slept in and found myself not wanting to get out of bed. I managed to drag myself out for a brief hike, but that was it.

Then I went to my mom and step-dad’s house for my birthday dinner. It was a bit early as my birthday is not for a few weeks, but it was nice. I tried hard to concentrate on being a good guest, so show interest and to allow my eyes to sparkle with interest and the love for them that I actually feel. I think it worked. I really want to try harder to seem interested in the things they do and have to talk about. Usually, I’ll sit on my computer or phone half of the time talking with whatever guy I’m interested in and try to talk to them in between. I felt like I needed to make up for that and truly try and be a good daughter. I helped with the food preparation and acted happy with my present. It WAS nice and what I wanted, but I find it difficult to get excited about anything sometimes.


Nature:  I spent 20 minutes in nature today.

Finances: I spent $30 on gas, $5 in tolls, and $5 in food today.

Relationships: I hung out with my mom and step-dad today.

Meditation:  I did not meditate today.

Sleep: I slept for 10 hours last night.

Exercise:  I hiked for 20 minutes today.

Diet: I followed my diet today.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I did neither today.

Hygiene:  I did not shower or brush my teeth today.

Mood and temperament: I was in a good mood.   My temperament was good.



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