August 30, 2015

When I was at the retreat center, I discovered there is a smaller center that offers morning classes like the retreat center did. I had been in contact with Chandra (the women in charge of my local center) by e-mail. I came and meditated and listened to the daily class. I guess it is distributed to the teachers in advance, so she just had to read it. I was the only one there with her, but I got a lot out of this one. I looked around the room and saw a picture of a man driving five horses with a picture representing each of the senses on each horse. So one had an ear, another had a nose, etc. The idea is that you can control your senses or they can control you. But I suppose it’s a trick for one person to control five horses.  As she read, I felt my love for everyone and life swell up in my chest. I liked this feeling.

She asked me to stay and help her on the computer. She was trying to make a facebook page to draw people to the various classes she taught at the center. I couldn’t believe that nobody was interested in those free classes. I had a few friends nearby who would probably be interested in taking her free meditation classes. I helped her make her facebook page and had her practice posting to it, so I knew she could do it without me. Then she asked me to help her to post an ad for the free classes to various publications. After four hours went by, I was starting to lose my patience and get bored, so I made some excuses and left.

I spent the rest of my day being unusually focused and continued working on that to-do list.

Here are today’s nuggets of wisdom:

Remain detached from your past attitude.

You make effort and retain the reward simultaneously. Remain constantly aware by keeping your reward in front of you.

Keep the things you have to renounce behind you and the things you have to take in front of you.

Peace and happiness are your birthright.

Do not think of what happened in the past. This is known as making an intensive effort.

Have mercy, even for those who defame you.

Be constant. Be constant in bliss. Be constant in happiness. Do not be influenced by those around you.


Finances: I spent no money today.

Relationships: I hung out with Chandra.

Meditation:  I meditated today.

Sleep: I slept for 7 hours last night.

Exercise:  I did no exercise today.

Diet: I did not follow my diet today.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I did both today.

Hygiene:  I did not shower or brush my teeth today..

Mood and temperament: I was in a good mood.  I was happy that I was so productive, too!  My temperament was good.


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