July 28, 2015

I woke up early and showered.   I briefly saw Jack (from my backpacking group) and we talked about backpacking and my back pain. The day was so hot I didn’t want to do anything. I hung around camp crocheting. Danielle came to visit me and I “helped” her with a grant she’s writing for her job. I took a nap. As the sun lowered in the sky, I got ready to go out.  The campground Frank and my PA friends camp at is known for its parties.  Most of the people who camp there don’t really backpack, they just hang around and party for the time they are there.  It’s also usually pointless to go there before noon because everyone sleeps in after each night’s carousing.

I stopped to pick up people who had previously said they would come with me to the parties. They all cancelled for one reason or another. So, it was just me, Frank, and Rachel.  The first place we stopped gave me a few shots of various things.  Someone passed around some weed, which I smoked some of, so I held off drinking for awhile. Rachel left early.  I got in a good conversation with Frank about some abstract ideas. It was the first time he managed to elicit a genuine smile from me. I like those kinds of conversations. Drummers started drumming and dancing soon followed.  I started to get bored. Frank picked up on it immediately. He asked if I wanted to go and I said I preferred to go somewhere where there were less people.  We stopped at a number of parties on the way back to my campsite.  I was pretty buzzed, but not drunk.

Surprisingly, Frank walked me all the way back back and we talked and drank and smoked cigarettes into the early morning.   We were still up with the moon set. Eventually he kissed me. We gave each other massages. We talked about many things. My fucked up childhood. My reasons for camping alone. He asked if I was looking to recruit for next year. I hadn’t given it much thought, but everyone I know is happy where they are camped now. I got all emo and started to cry at one point. I don’t remember why. He leaned forward, wiped my tears, and said it was okay to cry. It was straight out of a romantic movie. Apparently real guys do that stuff. He also really wants kids someday. We eventually went to bed, but we didn’t go to sleep. Unfortunately, he was unable to perform due to the alcohol. We fell asleep in each others arms.


Relationships: I chatted with a number of people today.

Meditation:  I did not meditate today.

Sleep: I slept 7 hours last night plus a 2 hour nap.

Exercise:  I walked around a lot.

Diet: I followed my diet today, except I had some sugar that was in the various drinks I was served at parties.

De-cluttering and cleaning: My tent was neat and clean today.

Hygiene:  I showered today, but did not brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament: My mood fluctuated a lot today.  My temperament was good.


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