July 23, 2015

Okay everyone, this will be my last post for a while.  I will be gone for 16 days on my camping/backpacking trip and will be unable to post.  I will keep a journal, so I’ll post what happened on my trip retroactively.  I have a strange feeling that something big is going to happen there, I just don’t know what!  I hope it’s good!

I drove my cats to my mom’s house in the morning, then I wasted a few hours on the internet, mostly Facebook.  Finally, I started to pack my car.  Because the first week is spent stationary in a campground, everyone tends to go “all out” with fancy tents, camping gear, and food.  My car is completely stuffed with stuff in addition to my backpacking pack that I do not plan to even touch until the second week we are there!

An odd thing happened today.  I heard someone knocking on my only neighbor’s door.  Hoping it was my Coleman lantern being delivered early, I went to see what was going on.  It was someone from the internet company. I don’t recall if I mentioned it, but I called the local internet company a few weeks ago to start my service.  However, they were so expensive and sketchy about all of the personal information they wanted about me that I cancelled the service installation.  For some reason, they didn’t notify their tech person who had showed up today to hook me up with internet.  He was VERY cute.  He was tan with long black wavy hair.  We talked for quite a long time.  I did have to tell him that I didn’t want his internet, but he kept talking with me anyway.  We talked a lot.  He gave me his card and told me to call him if I wanted to change my mind about the internet or if I wanted to hang out sometime.  It seemed odd that he didn’t ask for my number, so I wondered if it was part of his strategy to sell me stuff.  I don’t know.  He WAS interesting to talk to.  Either way, I’m going to be gone for 16 days.  He also had to ask for my name again at the end of the conversation, even though he told me his cousin has the same name at the beginning of the conversation, so I doubt he was serious.   It did give me a nice reprieve from packing though!


Relationships: I chatted  for a while with the internet guy.

Meditation:  I did not meditate today.

Sleep: I slept 6 hours last night.

Exercise:  I packed my car.  I’m not sure if that is exercise or not.

Diet: I followed my diet today.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I did neither today.

Hygiene:  I did neither today.

Mood and temperament: My mood was decent, despite my lack of motivation and energy.  I still got everything done, so that was good, at least.  My temperament was good.


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