May 20-25, 2015

May 20 –
I was really tired all day.  It was all I  could do to make it through the work day.  When I got home, I spent my time fixing my tent poles for a camping trip I’m going on with some friends on Friday.  It took almost my entire evening and I still didn’t finish.

May 21-
I felt different today.  I felt oddly confident, but with a softening of compassion.  I’m not sure what it was, because I have my worst-behaved students on this day.  After work, I spent over 3 hours food shopping and picking up various things I would need for the camping trip.  I had hoped to spend the night packing and cooking food, but I was too tired.  I  managed to go for a walk, but I felt in a foggy daze the whole time.  When I got home, I went to bed early.

May 22-
I had a decent amount of energy today, but it only lasted until mid-afternoon.  I forced myself to pack and prepare the food, then I drove a few hours to the mountain we were camping at.  I set up my tent and the cooking supplies and drank a hard cider while I waited for my friends.  I finally heard back that they had been delayed until the morning.  I wandered around the campsite and found some new friends to drink with.  I got EXTREMELY drunk.  I don’t actually remember the remainder of my night, except that it was very cold.

May 23-
I woke up early and it was very cold.  My hair was a matted mess, so I must have tossed and turned.  I found out that the temperature was in the lower 30s the night before.  My friends showed up mid-morning.  I hung out with them as we cooked breakfast, but I couldn’t get warm, so I went back to my tent for a little while.  I snuggled under the blankets and fell asleep.  I vaguely recall my friends trying to get me up, but it didn’t work.  I finally woke up again mid-evening.  They went hiking without me. I left early because I couldn’t get warm.  On my way home, I was too tired to drive the whole way, so I ended up staying at Linda’s house.

May 24-
I slept all night after sleeping all day and even slept in.  I came to the realization that my hypothyroidism is out of sorts.  While depression and hypothyroidism do share several symptoms, the hypothyroidism makes me sleep whereas the depression makes me want to stay in bed.  I had also been alternately famished and not hungry all week long, another sign something wasn’t right with my thyroid.  I chatted with Linda about it a lot because she also has hypothyroidism.   She criticized my endocrinologist for taking me off of Armor thyroid and back on Synthroid.  When I got home, I found the remainder of the Armor thyroid and took one.  I was still very tired.  I napped on and off all afternoon and finally managed to get myself out for a walk in the evening.  I wasted more time on facebook and went to bed around midnight.

May 25-
I woke up early.  It took me a few hours after taking my meds before I was able to get up and get going.  I guess all it took was two doses of Armor thyroid because I started cleaning and straightening my apartment and didn’t stop until it was clean.  While it’s not perfect, I feel really good about how good my apartment looks now!  I also did some strength training too.  I felt good, happy, and full of energy.  I even ended up doing some random dancing to music.  I got to bed around


Sleep: I got 8 hour one night,  the rest were all 6-7 hours.

Exercise: I seem to be in a pattern.  I work out a lot at the beginning of a week, but run out of steam halfway through.

Diet: I stuck to my diet in the beginning of the week and not at all by the end of it.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I spent a whole day doing a lot of cleaning and decluttering so I did not feel the need to do it for the rest of the week.

Hygiene – I was showered every weekday this week and brushed my teeth once.

Mood and temperament – My mood fluctuated daily, but my temperament was always good.


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