May 10, 2015

I awoke early, as is my custom, even on weekends.  Nobody else was up yet, so I walked outside barefoot and meditated on a rock.  Many of my muscles were sore from my activities yesterday, but it meant that I was getting stronger.  The massage that Salvatore had given me had done wonders with my bad shoulder.  It didn’t grind at all this morning when I rotated it, like it usually did!  I packed my things while everyone was still sleeping and drove to my mom’s house for Mother’s Day.

On my way there, I recalled all of the good things from the previous night with Salvatore.  I forgot to mention that there was a moment yesterday when he placed his hand on mine.  The contact was too long to be accidental and too short to be consequential.  I also recalled my list of things that I needed to do.  I was far behind in my lesson plans as well as a craft project that had another deadline.

When I got to my mom’s house, I told her about my lesson planning and worked on it for an hour or two.  I took a brief break from work to send a facebook message to Salvatore saying I hope he got home okay and told him what his massage had done for my shoulder.  Then we ate lunch and they had talked of going for a walk.  Logically, I thought I should accompany them on their walk.  I should spend some time with my mom on Mother’s Day and get some exercise in, but I was too tired.  As soon as they were gone, I fell asleep.  I’m not sure how long I was asleep for, but my mom said I slept so deeply they were talking in the same room as me and I didn’t stir.  Perhaps my body needed to heal.

We ate dinner and I left. It was a two hour drive home.  By the time I got home, I saw that Salvatore had seen my facebook message and hadn’t responded.  I was disappointed.  He was probably dating that girl I saw him kissing and just wanted to be friends.  I dunno what happened and will probably never know, but the disappointment is tough.  I had thought that we had made a real connection.  I guess I was wrong.


Exercise – none

Diet – I did pretty well today

De-cluttering and cleaning – I wasn’t home long enough

Hygiene – I had showered the day before, but didn’t brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament – My mood varied with excitement from what could happen from here with Salvatore to disappointment when he didn’t message me back.  Tiredness pervaded throughout the day.  My temperament was good, though.


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