April 25, 2015

I was greatly looking forward to today.  I had a difficult time sleeping the night before because something that could have either been rape or a fight between lovers happened outside my window in the middle of the night.  It woke me up and I called the police in a half-awake stupor.  For some reason, it got my adrenaline pumping and I had a difficult time going back to sleep.

When I woke up, I had no idea what time it was.  My phone had shut down sometime during the night, so no alarm woke me up.  Thankfully, I had woken up during the very time that my alarm would have woken me up anyway!  I got up, got together all of the things that I knew I’d need, and cleaned and straightened my apartment.  It is now at the point where only some of the undone dishes show evidence of Bryan’s last visit here.  The rest of my apartment looks pretty decent!  I had contemplated doing stretching and PT, but decided against it because I knew I’d be physically active later in the day.

I started off the day with an hour hike.  It was colder than I expected it to be, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be.  I had made plans to hike with acquaintances, but their company wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected it to be.

Then I drove an hour and half to meet a large group of friends.  I stopped at a rest area to use the bathrooms.  Then I looked down at my phone, only to wake up a half hour later.  Because I arrived late to meet my friends, I ended up missing out on the main thing that I had been looking forward to doing.  It was still fun and good to see them, but I was still disappointed.

I went home and Chris showed up.  We started by going to a local pub and drinking.  We chatted and finished two glasses of hard cider.  He suggested we leave, so we stopped at a gas station and picked up a six pack.  We put on a movie and started to cuddle.  He asked if we could cuddle on the bed, so we did.  That didn’t last long.  We kissed and that led to other things.  I didn’t have sex with him, but we still had fun doing what we did.  I fell asleep in his arms.


Exercise – I hiked for about an hour.

Diet – I ate all the things I shouldn’t.  I ate a lot of them.  I ate until my stomach was full and then I ate some more.

Cleaning and de-cluttering – I did both today

Hygiene – I showered but did not brush my teeth

Mood and temperament – My mood was good.  There was never really a point where my mood was low.


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