March 30-31, 2015

I think there’s something wrong with wordpress’s stats feature.  Three people liked my last post, yet according to their stats feature, I have had no site views and no visitors.

Monday was an okay day.  It was busy.  I went out to dinner with a friend and then I went to a gathering I had organized.  I waited for an hour and a half, but nobody showed up.  I had been asked to organize this gathering.  I felt like I was doing someone a favor and was repaid by having nobody show up, not even the one who had asked me to organize it in the first place.  I was angry when I got home.  I had gotten very little done, so I tried to stay up late and do things.  All I ended up doing was wasting more time.  My back started hurting again, but they’re calling for rain or snow on Tuesday, so I’m assuming that’s why.

Today I woke up early enough to shower and do my dishes.  Because I was able to actually cook breakfast, I ate a healthy breakfast of hard-boiled eggs.  I even made extra and packed them for lunch.  By lunchtime I was ravenous!  I ate whatever the cafeteria was serving and ate a lot of it.  After eating the cafeteria food, which was some kind of stromboli wrap, I was extremely tired.  I even fell asleep waiting at the chiropractor’s office.  Then I went food shopping to purchase some herbs for a soup.  While I was there, I saw that some of my favorite Easter candy was on sale.  I spent a good part of the evening eating it and realized that I was starting to get depressed.  It seems that something I ate for lunch caused me to have fatigue and something in the candy I ate caused depression.  I knew intellectually that food affects things, but I never realized until today exactly what that effect was.   Why can’t I follow a diet regime? Out of 31 days, I think there was only one where I actually followed my diet.  It seems like it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.  I am tired and depressed, so I don’t feel like cooking so I eat food I shouldn’t.  Because I eat food I shouldn’t I am tired and depressed.  How do I break this cycle?  I’m just hoping that when I start focusing on exercise next month that it helps me.


Diet: I did not follow my diet on either day.

De-clutter and cleaning:  I did not de-clutter and clean on either day.

Hygiene: I showered on Tuesday.

Mood and temperament: I was pretty neutral on Monday, but did get pissed off when everyone bailed out on me.  I started Tuesday fine, but then was tired and later depressed.


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