April Focus: Exercise

I had thought to save exercise for a month that would be less busy, but seeing as my chiropractor has already been after me to start doing some stretches for my back and PT-type exercises for my bad shoulder, I figured I’d do it this month.  I live in a very small apartment and barely have the room to do a push-up, much less being able to have the room to follow a workout video.  I have decided to start simply.  I will alternate upper body exercises with core training.  I plan to do the PT-type exercises with my bad shoulder and strengthening exercises for my good shoulder.  I also plan to walk 6 days a week.

Maybe that doesn’t sound simple, but back when I was at my physical peak, I was running 3 miles  four days a week, walking the other days, and doing 30 minutes of strength training six days a week.  I want something that my body at this heavier weight can handle and something that I think will be beneficial to me physically.  We’ll see!


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