March 14, 2015

I awoke in Byran’s arms. It was nice! We spent the morning together. It was very nice, but a little weird.  I guess I just don’t fully trust him not to leave, so I find myself holding back and not wanting to do certain things with him.  I guess I’ll have to talk to him about it the next time we talk.  I’m not the only one holding back though.  I asked if he wanted my keys (which he previously had before we broke up) and he said not yet.  We had sex and then went out to eat.  After we got back, I said goodbye to him because I had things I had to do.

Then I had more work obligations.  They all went rather well and I got lots of compliments from the parents and some of the teachers who came out for it.  One of my 8th grade students hugged me, which threw me off guard, especially because it was a boy.  Maybe that’s sexist, but society tends  to raise boys to not get emotional and hug people.  I also had a parent hug me as well.  I was glad everyone was pleased, but I think I was happier still that it was over!


Diet: I followed my diet today with the exception of having cheese.

De-cluttering and cleaning:  I didn’t have the time to do either today.

Hygiene: I did not brush my teeth, but I showered yesterday.

Mood and temperament: Good and stressed.


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