March 10, 2015

Today I got up at 3am to do some cooking.  I had planned to make both those meat and spinach muffins and meatza.  The muffins took surprisingly long.  I had just finished steaming the vegetables for the meatza when I realized that I didn’t have any tomato paste for the sauce, so I had to stop.  Instead, I de-cluttered my apartment.  It felt so good to have it clean!

Again, I had a good, but long day at work.  I tried chatting with Bryan after work, but his response was very short and dismissive.  I asked him if everything was okay between us.  He said it was and used an endearment or two before getting offline.  I know he wanted to take things slow, but I expected to at least talk to him a little bit during the week.  Ugh.  It’s tough.  I’d like to at least have one decent conversation with him over the course of the week, but I’m afraid it’ll be pushing him and not help keep him from being addicted.  It’s a fine line and it’s tough to walk.  I’ll talk to him about it when I see him next.


Diet:  I did pretty good.  I have been craving sugar so I ate a lot of honey.  I broke my diet for two hershey kisses.  It could be worse.

De-cluttering and cleaning:  I cleaned and did extra de-cluttering.

Hygiene: I showered yesterday and brushed my teeth today.

Mood and temperament:  My mood and temperament was good.  It only sunk a little bit when chatting (sort of) with Bryan.



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