March 9, 2015

This morning, I felt a shift in my mood.  Sure, I woke up tired, but I was happy.  As I greeted my students this morning, I felt happy to see most of them.  That mood carried into my classes and I had a really good day at work today.  It wasn’t a feeling of euphoria at being so in love.  It was more of a missing piece in the puzzle that makes up my happiness.  Everything else already seemed to be in place, so once that final piece fit in, I was happy.

It was a good day, but long.  My whole week will be long and stressful, but I hope that I can maintain these feelings of happiness as it continues.  Oh, and I stepped on a scale and I weigh 206.8.  That means I lost 6.5 lbs since the beginning of March!


Diet: I kept to my diet with the exception of a number of hersheys kisses that someone left in our faculty room.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I cleaned, but didn’t de-clutter. I’m feeling a little intimidated by the pile of stuff to take care of in the living room.

Hygiene: I showered and brushed my teeth todya.

Mood and temperament:  It was all good.


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