March 5, 2015

The weather was bad, so work was cancelled today. I must have laid in bed until at least noon. Then I got to work planning my menu for next week. I found a paleo cookbook called “Well Fed”. I have found a lot of the books disagree what’s okay and what’s not for paleo. This one seemed to think butter was not okay, but ghee (clarified butter) was fine. I chose three recipes for the upcoming week – meatza, pizza using meat as the crust, a form of pad thai, and beef and spinach muffins. Most of the recipes looked very tasty, but very work-heavy and a lot of the work was not factored into the cooking and preparation times. They expected you to cook the speghatti squash ahead of time for one recipe, steam vegetables for another, and squeeze the water out of frozen spinach in another. The other thing I really didn’t like about the book was that they didn’t have an ingredient index. It would have been nice to just look up which recipes had a specific ingredient in it if I had it lying around, for example.

One advantage to living where I do now is that you can find very odd ingredients in grocery stores. I managed to find coconut aminos (a soy-sauce substitute) and sunflower butter (but not sugar-free, like the book suggested). I also discovered that the bottles of lemon juice are not actual lemon juice. They’re reconstituted from concentrate with preservatives added. That annoyed me. I don’t have the time to squeeze my own lemon juice, but I also am trying to eat healthier.

I met Adam later in the evening. He seemed pleased with the place I chose for dinner. He is a self-confessed foodie. I like food and I know a lot about food, but I wouldn’t really call myself a foodie, especially with all of the food restrictions that the paleo diet places on me. He is interesting to talk to, but we are very different. He’s very ambitious and spends most of his time working. He has few interests or hobbies and really very little social life. I have a very different attitude to life. Even though we both like our jobs, when mine is over, I find stuff to do. He just works extra at his job because he has nothing else to do. I suspect he makes a lot of money, but it was already getting dull talking to him. He seems really interested in me, but I can’t think why. I’m really very little like him in terms of our worldviews or sense of priorities, but he’s still a nice guy. He also seems struck with how comfortable I seem to be with him. I think I’m just always comfortable and that throws people off.

Diet: I stuck to my diet except for the cola made with real sugar.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I did not clean or de-clutter.

Hygiene: I brushed my teeth and showered yesterday.

Mood and temperament: My mood varied, but it was never really bad, so I think that’s a good sign. I didn’t have any problems with my temperament either.



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