March Focus

The focus for March is going to be my diet.  There are many studies that correlate diet to both depression and hypothyroidism.  I also hope that it allows me to lose weight as well.  I plan to start a Paleo diet recommended by my doctor.  I can’t have grains, dairy, beans, legumes, sugar, or anything artificial or processed.  That pretty much allows me to eat meat, vegetables, some fruit, and some nuts.  There is also an emphasis on eating organic foods with as little additives as possible.  I also expect that it will take me a while before I can find a decent butcher shop where I live.

This is going to difficult for several reasons.  I am picky about certain kinds of foods.  I don’t like onions.  I don’t like any vegetables raw.  I don’t even like many salads.  I just see them as a salad dressing delivery system and I can’t have much in the way of salad dressings.  I expect this new diet to be tough on my wallet as well.  Eating organic vegetables and grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef isn’t exactly cheap. I will also basically have to cook everything that I eat, which will be time-consuming.  I don’t dislike cooking, but I usually don’t bother cooking much unless I have someone other than me to cook for.   Maybe it will be a good thing for me to practice taking care of myself like I would take care of others.  I just hope that I can do it!Because this IS partly because I want/need to lose weight, I have consulted a local women’s gym who kindly took measurements for me.  I took the starting pics myself.  Because I didn’t have anyone else to take them, they don’t show all of my body.  I could only hold my phone so far away from myself!  The worst part of the pics is that I’m actually sucking in my gut and it still looks that big.

I have joined a free weight-loss site called  You create your own profile. They have articles about health, suggested diet and exercise plans, you can make your own page and add friends.  There are also community forums called SparkTeams.  I will be on there under the name DEPRESSIMATIC to track my diet and any exercise I happen to do.  To see my SparkPage click here.

Weight: 213.6lbs
Pants size: 18/20
Body fat: 36.9%
BMI: 33.4
Chest: 44″
Waist: 38.5″
Hips: 50″
Butt: 48″
Thighs: 27″
Arm: 13″

3/1/15 - 213.6lbs

3/1/15 – 213.6lbs

3/1/15 - 213.6lbs

3/1/15 – 213.6lbs



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