February 22, 2015

When I awoke this morning, my depression had thankfully faded.  We had slept 10 hours and I was still tired when I awoke.  I made pancakes, we had sex, then he left.  I had spent almost my entire break with Bryan.  It was wonderful, but I had expected to get so much more accomplished.  Once he was gone, I started to worry about all of the things I had meant to accomplish that I did not.  I put my to-do list together and then got distracted/focused on one specific project.

I was very tired all day long, but spent the majority of it working on that one project.  I got a lot done with regards to that particular project, but otherwise, did not accomplish much.

I also started going through my cupboards in preparation for next month’s focus.  I’m kind of nervous because this is an area where I need SERIOUS help!  Maybe it’s good that this one is next!


De-cluttering and cleaning: I did neither today.

Hygiene: I brushed my teeth, but my hair is quite oily at this point from a lack of showering.

Mood and temperament: Neutral with the tendency to fluctuate both up and down throughout the day.


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