February 18, 2015

I went to the chiropractor and the dentist today.  The chiropractor made a MARKED difference in my shoulder, which had been bothering me.  I had a lot of dental work done and my mouth was pretty sore afterwards.  I managed to get a lot done before I left to go to Bryan’s house.

His ex-wife dropped his kids off significantly late, so I only really spent a few minutes with them before they had to get ready for bed.  It was enough time to put me at my ease.  I had felt pretty worried that they wouldn’t like me, but everything went well, so I cheered up significantly.


De-cluttering and cleaning: I de-cluttered and cleaned today.  I am almost done with cleaning my bathroom, which is the last room in my apartment.  After that, it will just be specialty cleaning and maintenance!  It’s going to take a lot longer to finish de-cluttering.  I am still working on my living room as far as de-cluttering goes.

Hygiene: I showered the day before and brushed my teeth today.

Mood and temperament: Other than being worried about his kids liking me, I was very happy and content.


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