February 13, 2015

I  called in sick to work today.  I didn’t feel terribly sick.  Honestly, I just fell asleep after my last alarm went off and woke up at the point where I wouldn’t be able to do everything I needed to do to be ready for work today and get there on time.  That’s why I called in.  I don’t know if it’s a good reason, but it’s the one I used.  I went back to sleep and slept until about 10.  I checked my e-mail and saw that Bryan was going to be getting out of work early and that he would be here around 14:00.

Even though my stomach issues really didn’t return, I was still really out of it.  My head got swimmy if I stood up for too long.  Both of those may have had to do with the fact that I hadn’t eaten yet.  Bryan and I ordered take-out and I felt so much better!

After that, we got naked and stayed that way.  All night.  We also drank.  He wanted to see me when I was drunk.  It struck me as an odd request, but we drank together.  I didn’t really get much different, only a slight loss of inhibitions.  I honestly did nothing I wouldn’t do sober, so it really didn’t bother me.  It was a fun and sensual night.


De-cluttering and cleaning:  I de-cluttered a little before Bryan came, but did not clean.

Hygiene: I did not shower or brush my teeth today.

Mood and temperament: My mood and temperament were okay, but better when Bryan came over.


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