February 10, 2015

I took my time getting ready for work this morning, which resulted in me showing up slightly late.  The day was good, but long.  I was asked to run another after school program, so I stayed late for that purpose.  Even though I had less time in the evening, I still managed to get everything done that I wanted to do.  I took a strange pleasure in how nice my sink area and bookshelves were starting to look.

I know I often focus on “getting stuff done” a lot in my blog, but I always feel like I’m behind in everything and it adds stress to my life.  Also, it has recently occurred to me that the state of my house/apartment/room is a visual representation of my depressive state.  The more depressed I am, the less I take care of my things.  My apartment is currently as clean and de-cluttered as my livings spaces have been kept thus far.  It bodes well, both for my depression (or lack thereof), and for this months focus of taking care of my living space!

De-cluttering and cleaning: I dusted the bookshelves.  While I was moving things to dust, I moved the extra clutter off of them.  I worked on de-cluttering my large pile of papers.  I still think I have a few more days before I finish the papers and can move on to de-cluttering the kitchen.

Hygiene: I brushed my teeth today and showered yesterday.

Mood and temperament: I was pretty tired all day.  I can honestly say I was too tired to reasonably discern my mood.