February 8, 2015

I felt very nice to be able to spend two nights over at Bryan’s place! I was supposed to leave early so he could pick up his kids, but I didn’t end up leaving until around 11:00. I tried, but he kept kissing me, and I enjoyed him kissing me, so I stopped to kiss him back and we kept it up for a few hours.

I ran a few errands and got home in the early afternoon. I tried to get a lot done in the amount of time that I had. I didn’t finish everything (when do I ever?), but I did get some work done. I also got laundry done. I inwardly lost my temper while doing laundry. I was maybe two minutes late picking up my laundry. Someone else had taken my wet, clean clothes and placed them on a washing machine that wasn’t working. It had dried laundry detergent spots on it along with dust. I got really annoyed that she hadn’t put my clothes on the nice clean shelf by the wall. Right away, my brain started thinking of several ways that I could retaliate. I could open and shut her washing machine so that her clothes wouldn’t continue to wash. I could just take out her clothes and put them there. I could throw some item in there which would mess up her laundry. I don’t know what exactly happened to cause me to overreact this way, but I did. Even when I came down to retrieve my laundry from the dryer, I was still angry. My dryer was the last one that was free, so I stood by the dryer and folded my clothes, one by one. After a few minutes, she showed up and I made her wait while I folded all of my clothes. That was my retribution. But I don’t understand what exactly changed in me for me to feel the need for retribution.

I finished cleaning my living room. I finished scrubbing the floor and even scrubbed the floor under my bed. While that usually isn’t a pressing issue, there was an odd smell that was issuing from there. When I moved my mattress and box spring, I couldn’t determine the source of the smell. Indeed, I couldn’t smell anything bad at all. I scrubbed it, nonetheless, though.
De-cluttering and cleaning: I cleaned today, but not de-clutter.

Hygiene: I brushed my teeth today, but I showered yesterday, so I didn’t need to shower today.

Mood and temperament: I inwardly lost it about a stupid laundry incident. I’m not sure what came over me. It took a while to get over it and did behave poorly in one respect.


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