February 7, 2015

Today was a good day, but I was SO exhauseted by the end of it! Bryan and I woke early and spend some, um, quality time in the bedroom. Then we went to this winter festival. They had food and all kinds of activities, including square dancing. Bryan and I spent a lot of time learning how to square dance. Neither of us is in the shape that we’d like to be, so we both enjoyed the exercise and spending time dancing together. I was surprised but happy that he enjoyed dancing with me so much!

It was a good day but I ran out of steam too early for my taste. Bryan kept asking me what was wrong, but I was just tired. I kept trying to smile when he asked me about it, but it was always a tired smile. I hope he understood by the end that nothing was wrong and that I was just tired.

De-cluttering and cleaning: I did not de-clutter or clean today, but I spent the whole day at Bryan’s house, so I couldn’t.

Hygiene: I did not brush my teeth, but I showered today.

Mood and temperament: I was tired, but wasn’t necessarily down. I was pretty happy earlier in the day, but as the day progressed and I got more tired, my mood sunk. I never got depressed, but I wasn’t happy anymore.


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