January 28, 2015

I was sick, but decided to try and to go in to work anyway.  I knew that as a special area teacher, the principal would not bother to get a substitute for me.   I got to my car and it wouldn’t start, so I had to call in sick after all.  I stood out there, opened my hood, attached my jumper cables and waited, hoping for a kind stranger to come my way.  That is the worst part of moving so often.  I didn’t have ANYBODY I felt like I could call that lived anywhere nearby.  I was on the verge of tears as several cars passed by me, but then a nice man stopped.  It didn’t end up working.  While we waited for me car to charge, he was talking to me about how much money he makes from home selling real estate.  It sounded like it was too good to be true, so it probably was.  He gave me his card anyway.  My car wasn’t holding a charge, unfortunately.

Because I was home, Bryan stopped by earlier than he originally intended.  He brought a battery pack and that fixed my problem  My car started right away!  I was not feeling up to doing much, so we ended up spending the rest of the day watching movies and kissing and cuddling.  I still marvel at the fact that I can feel so comfortable with someone I met not so long ago, but I really need to not over think it.  I really am enjoying what we have and would love to continue to enjoy it.


Hygiene – I showered but didn’t brush my teeth.

Mod and temperament – Seeing as Bryan was the only one I saw all day, my temperament was good.  My mood fluctuated between up because Bryan was around and down because I was sick.  Even so, I did spend most of the time as more neutral.  Not with a blank affect, but neutral.


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