January 17, 2015

I had plans with friends to hang out a few hours away today.  Because of the brakes on my car, I thought it was more important to get them fixed before I drive so far.  Bryan found a babysitter for his kids for the night.  We spent the entire day together.  I greatly enjoyed myself.  He seemed to enjoy it too.  We went out to eat, saw a movie, I cooked dinner, and we ended the night by having sex.  I fell asleep watching a movie with him.  I couldn’t stay awake.  It was another sign that I really need to start taking thyroid meds again, plus the fact that I couldn’t stop eating.  Anyway, he ended up sleeping over that night.

I’m really starting to like him.  He’s a sweet guy and we get along well.  I look forward to seeing him again and to meeting his kids.  We really seemed to think alike.  And he was sweet about the fact that my back was killing me all day.  I had a good day, what can I say?


Hygiene – I showered but did not brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament – My mood was pretty bad to start with.  I cried because I didn’t have the money to fix all of my brakes. I was sad about it for a while after Bryan arrived, but quickly got over it and was able to enjoy my day.  I treated people well, I think though.


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