January 16, 2015

Today I had a shortened work day.  We had PD (professional development) in the afternoon.  And like all other PD I have been to, it has absolutely NO bearing on what I actually do on a daily basis.  I understand that as a special area teacher, nobody cares about what I do, but I don’t understand why they force me to sit in on these things that are a complete waste of time. I spent the whole time grading papers and fighting off sleep.

I heard back from my old doctor.  He refused to call in a prescription because it’s been a while since I’ve seen him.  His office is two and a half hours away, so I can’t even see him.  That means I’ll have to find a new doctor, get an appointment, wait for the test results, THEN they call in a prescription.

On my way home from work, my brakes started to grind every time I pressed them.  I then went to a work gathering.  I always feel out of place at those things.  I tried to converse with them as well as I could, but still had way too little in common with any of them.  I stayed later than meant to, but it took them forever to bring out each course.  I never understood why I had so little in common with other teachers.  I love teaching and so do they.  Apparently that’s all we have in common.


Hygiene – Bad.  I didn’t shower or brush my teeth.

Mood and temperament – My mood was pretty neutral.  I was able to treat my coworkers well despite the fact that I was tired and thought their conversation was inane drivel.  I was tired and hungry all day.  I can’t wait until I get back on my meds.


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