January 15, 2015

I woke up early and worked on cleaning up my apartment.  Between one cat who doesn’t like to use a litter box that has already been used and another cat that keeps throwing up, my apartment needs a lot more care than one would think.  I washed more of my dishes.  My apartment is actually starting to looking good enough to the point where I could actually have people over without notice.  I hope to have it better by the end of the week.  My work to-do list is also shrinking.  I’m glad my life is finally starting to get in order.

I called my last doctor and tried to get him to call in a prescription for my thyroid.  I didn’t hear back from him today.  I was already ravenous today.  So much for not eating.  I was actually starting to look better too.  I ate SO MUCH today! I can’t wait until I get back on my meds.

I haven’t mentioned how my chiropractor appointments have been going.  When they give me an adjustment it’s painful.  I don’t understand.  Everyone I know who goes to a chiropractor talks about how good it feels after an adjustment.  I actually audibly groaned in pain a few times.  The chiropractor said it would take some adjustments before it would stop hurting.  He also told me that my pain would change before it would go away.  He was right.  I never realized how many ways I have of coping with my back pain until it changed.  Now that different things hurt, things have become more debilitating.  The chiropractor assured me that it would go away soon.  He also told me that I should hydrate well, stretching in the mornings, and take multivitamins and glucosamine.

I have been thinking a lot about my ex.  I don’t actually think I’d get back together with him if he asked me now.  It’s not that I’m getting attached to Bryan.  He’s a nice guy and everything, but I have only hung out with him three times now. Nor is it an issue with his, uh, performance the night before. It’s that now I’m over him enough that I can look objectively on what we had together.  He didn’t love me and we didn’t want the same things for the future.  That won’t change.  I’m glad it’s taking me such a short time to get over him!  Maybe I can find someone who wants what I do now and actually cares about me.


Hygiene – Bad.  I didn’t shower or brush my teeth today.

Mood and temperament – It was good except for the pain I have been in.  I don’t recall having any temperament issues today.


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