January 7, 2015

I awoke at 4:00am with the usual pain in my chest.  I want to know how emotional pain can manifest so physically.   Today, however, the pain faded throughout the day.  Working helped.  Being around such wonderful kids that are so loving and excited about what I have to teach was infectious.  I caught on to the happiness and love myself, for a while. The pain in my chest was gone by the afternoon.

I also got observed at work today.  An observation is like an assessment for teachers.  The principal watches you teach a class and then later tells you what you did well and how you can improve.  It’s a pretty subjective thing.  I thought I did well, but it’s difficult to say if my principal would agree.

After work, I got more stuff done.  My to-do list is about a mile long.  Usually when I get stuff done, I put on the television or music for background noise.  Today I didn’t.  It felt kind of empty.  But then I felt different. I was better able to focus on the tasks.  It also felt like I was volunteering — doing those tasks for someone I loved.  It was calming, but gave me a sense of contentment at the same time. I had straightened the main room of my apartment yesterday.  Today I tackled the bathroom.  Cat excrement littered the floor, as well as cat vomit.  If I don’t scoop their cat litter every day, my cats stop using the litter box.  I also cleaned the toilet and around the sink, which were both pretty nasty. The bathroom isn’t perfectly clean, but the difference was great enough for me to feel better about going in there.

There were plenty of things I didn’t get to, but I gave myself permission to leave them undone.  I did the necessary items on my to-do list. The rest can wait. I even made sure to take my vitamins today!


I made an appointment with a chiropractor.

I also brushed my teeth today.

My mood was good and so was my temperament. I believe that I treated people well today.


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